"Z Motto: A Statement of Practice" Written by E.K. Zoratto

I write for the same reasons I cook.

When you cook, you strive to create a meal that is savory, nutritious and ultimately satisfying. It’s a hard balance to achieve considering all the ingredients and techniques available at your disposal. At the start, you may feel overwhelmed and stick to simpler dishes, follow recipes and rely on the cooking channel for your creations. Gradually you start experimenting with new ingredients and spices, slowly acquiring an intuitive skill and know-how.

You become picky with your ingredients, searching for the best and most fitting. You try different approaches like roasting, frying and stewing, all diversifying your skill set. You expand your collection of cooking tools and adjust your standards on their proper use. The more competent you become at cooking, the more you learn how to manipulate the ingredients and methods to create something entirely new.

You cook primarily for yourself and family, digesting the less successful dishes with disappointment and taking pride in the tastier ones. You develop a repertoire of do’s and don’ts, the unsavory meals reminding you of what didn’t work well, the delectable ones of what did.

When you cook for long enough, it becomes a part of you. You now rely on your experiences rather than the cooking channel; recipes are now more like guidelines. You are infatuated with meal planning and yearn to assemble something delicious with the food in your fridge. Everyday provides opportunity to create, revise and perfect your dishes.

When you are ready, you invite others to dinner and share your food creations. If it’s truly your best, even the toughest critics will enjoy the food. The person who takes the most from a meal will ultimately be you, the cook. It will be nutritious and satisfying, both in body and in mind. Others will feel this too. Although, no matter what you do, no matter how hard you work or how rewarding the outcome, there will always be someone who simply doesn’t like it because of the tomatoes.

I write for the same reasons I cook.

"Chocolate Dipped Jalapeno Pepperoni Pizza Pie over a Bacon Chicken Waffle Burger" | Illustrated by ELKBHZ