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Our Mission

“Creatively creating creativity, one story at a time.”

Our People


Kierstin Zoratto

BSc Neuroscience
Creative Director of Zoratto Productions

With an abundant imagination, a comprehensive understanding of brain and behaviour and a quirky style and aesthetic, Kierstin Zoratto is a gifted storyteller with a natural affinity for the unconventional. Strongly believing that when things get weird, things get interesting, she explores the world for inspiration and uses what she finds to fuel the ideas behind her art. She is self-taught, hard working and enthusiastic, especially when given a challenge or opportunity that affords growth. With Zoratto Productions as a platform for her creativity, her analytical mind is able to conjure up narratives that integrate science, art and philosophy in ways that are entertaining and original.

Outside of Zoratto Productions, Zoratto enjoys spending time with her family and friends, adventuring in the outdoors and experiencing activities just beyond her comfort zone. She is a lover of sci-fi, comedy and music, and she likes to collect hats.

Currently, she is writing a novel and working alongside other creatives in Sudbury, Ontario.

The Team

ZP Zebra

ZP Zebra

The Ambassador

“Earning my stripes, day by day.”

ZP Zebra is Zoratto Productions ambassador for all matters public, social and web related. A people animal, ZP Zebra is the talker of the team, always communicating with others and keeping the world in the know of what is new, cool and upcoming with Zoratto Productions.

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The Doodler

“A doodle a day keeps the imagination happ-eh!”

Turning blank pages into illustrated worlds, ELKBHZ uses her distinct MS paint style to create unique cartoons and comics aimed to bring joy, laughter and intrigue to those around her. Offer her a ‘trigger word’ and watch as she brings your words to life with her pencil and imagination.

Check out ELKBHZ’s latest illustration or check her card catalog with The Company That Publishes Cards Card Publishing Company!

The Old Lady

The Old Lady

The Beatmaker

“As long as the beat goes on, my arthritis be gone!”

Miss Lis, better known as The Old Lady, is a wise old woman with an ear for elevator music. A fusion of jazz, hip-hop, rock, electronic dance, down-tempo, folk and blues, The Old Lady’s mix downs will have you up grooving and bobbing along, not matter what your age.

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Our Logo


The Zebra

The zebra is recognized worldwide for its distinctive black and white stripes. Whether it is black on white or white on black, these animals take pride in their unique stripes and celebrate their individuality. No two zebras’ wear the same stripes because no two zebras’ experience the same journey and are alike.

A zebra’s stripes are permanent and represent a zebra’s steadfast, committed approach to finding new ways to survive in the savanna. Challenges are welcomed because they offer a zebra a chance to exercise what it’s learnt and earn its stripes.

In a herd, the individual stripes take on a synergistic effect as they intertwine and coalesce into a supportive network of new stripes. Patterns emerge and can shift as members of the herd move. With others, a zebra becomes part of something greater than itself without compromising its uniqueness.

A zebra is identified by its stripes. Zoratto Productions is identified by the zebra and all that it represents.